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About Our Trains:

What to Expect:

We carry the required $3 million insurance policy for our train amusement rides. We have our insurance certificate posted inside our train trailer.  You can request a COI (certificate of insurance) as an additional insured when you complete the rental agreement.


Our trackless trains are named "The Big Red Engine" and "Bubbles The Magic Train" The trains are battery-operated;  with no emissions, eco-friendly, and our trackless train can run indoors or outside.  We are the only trackless train company in the Upstate New York area and are available for both small kid-friendly gatherings like birthday parties as well as large events such as street festivals, fairs or parades.

Our trackless trains travel to cities all over the east coast.  

Additional Booking Notes:

Our trackless trains require a 20-foot radius to turn around. Indoor or outdoor events: we need 9-foot wide areas to avoid hitting walls, barricades, or pedestrian traffic. Outdoor areas: level parking lots are best where we can block off motor vehicle traffic.

If we’re running outside, it’s nice to give them plenty of room to run. This allows for circles, squares, and figure eights to make each ride unique and fun. As a minimum, we like around 10 parking spaces. Of course, if you allow for larger areas, we’ll definitely use the space!

We bring barricades and flags to mark off the travel area!

* Everyone is welcome to ride.
* Small children 6 years old and under and infants must be accompanied by a paying adult.
* Shoes must be worn at all times.
* Unruly occupants will not be tolerated on the trackless train. No shoving, horseplay, or jumping around in the train cars. We want you to have fun but you must be safe.
* Seating is required at all times while the trackless train is in motion. Everyone must remain seated until the train comes to a complete stop and engineer or conductor opens the door on your train car before loading or unloading the train.
* Keep arms, legs, and head inside the train at all times.
* Do not lean on the exits or doors while the train is in motion.
* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
* No more than 6 riders in any train car, regardless of size of occupants or car.
* No pets, food, candy, gum, or beverages, including alcohol, in the train cars.
* Traveling Trains -Train Tixs, Inc is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property, or for any articles left in the train cars.
* A responsible adult must be present and readily available at the event at all times.
* Ride at your own risk.

Setup requirements, outdoor venues.
* We do not drive on public roads, sidewalks, or parking lots that are not barricaded or blocked off. 
* We CANNOT run the train on grass or gravel.
* We cannot run the train on areas with a steep incline.
* We require a minimum width of 9-foot clearance without touching walls or other barriers for the path of the train.
* We require 20-feet to turn around.
* For evening events, area should have adequate lighting.
* For reference, 10+ parking spaces is a good area to run the train outdoors.

Setup Requirements, indoor venues.
* We require a ground-level, double-wide door of standard height for entry into buildings.
* We require a minimum width of 9-foot clearance without touching walls or other barriers for the path of the train.
* We require 20-feet to turn around.
* The train is 35-feet long and weighs nearly 3000 lbs without passengers, so please keep this in mind when checking with the venue about the ability to run indoors.
* For reference, half of a standard gymnasium is a good area to run the train indoors.

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